Associating Peg Words To Improve Your Memory

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Have you ever used peg words to help improve your memory? If you are not familiar it is a word system or technique to help you remember lists. There are all kinds of ways to get creative to increase your memory power.

The peg word system is used to help a person to remember a list in a specific sequence. However, before you can do this, you need to memorize a roster list of peg words. Generally, there are two major ways to do this. Take a closer look at these methods first, then choose which one you want to use.

Alternatively you can use a little bit of imagination and use both methods. The first method is so easy that anyone can use it. Just use numbers 0 to 10 and relate rhyming words with each of these digits.

0. Weirdo
1. Fun
2. Doe
3. Free
4. Floor
5. Hive
6. Fix
7. Heaven
8. Mate
9. Line
10. Ben

Of course after number 11, you will find it hard to look for rhymes. However, there is still a method where you can expand this system. As an example, you can re-use the peg words by creating a distortion of their versions. In numbers 11-19, you can use the word pegged to 1 to 9, but you should picture each word as burnt: so 10 would be a weirdo who burned the toast, 13 would be black freedom and so on and so forth. For numbers 20 to 29, you can make words for 1 to 9 as hot, for 30 to 39, you can imagine it as cold.

The best method is to recall words for all numbers pegged from 0 to 99 using another system, the number alphabet. This will greatly help you to form a relation without having to recall a laborious array relation with number rhymes. Alternatively, if you can use peg words, you are ensured to get the right number by using consonant and transforming them to numbers.

A longer list is more effective because you will avoid excessive recycling, thus your brain will be less likely to be confused. But, it will take a longer time for you to memorize. However, once you recalled the peg words, you will be benefited by the list permanently, and you don’t need to recall them ever again. Below is an example of peg words for 110 numbers. Just choose memorable word for you. But once you have used it, never dare to change it to avoid confusion.

1. Clown
2. Saw
3. Heart
4. Jelly
5. Legs
6. Pot
7. Mate
8. Crate
9. Sea
10. Horse
11. Lamb
12. Chop
13. Stick
14. Free
15. Gown
16. Earth
17. Fire
18. Moon
19. Girl
20. Bath
21. Pay
22. Fee
23. Room
24. Short
25. Snout
26. Duck
27. Fish
28. Earl
29. Dwarf
30. Scare
31. Dark
32. Dim
33. Lit
34. Move
35. Out
36. Shark
37. Crank
38. Hay
39. Way
40. Dam
41. Gum
42. Plea
43. Gag
44. Seed
45. Read
46. House
47. Pen
48. Bus
49. Chair
50. Bee
51. Dime
52. Cheese
53. Road
54. Owl
55. Car
56. Train
57. Coal
58. Paper
59. Tomato
60. Comb
61. Chalk
62. Charm
63. Hand
64. Toes
65. Sun
66. Bread
67. Flower
68. Rake
69. Sky
70. Foam
71. Free
72. Nib
73. Gab
74. Seal
75. Bag
76. Lavender
77. Grey
78. White
79. Elf
80. Elephant
81. Licorice
82. Root
83. Water
84. Share
85. Own
86. Fare
87. Fat
88. Jam
89. Mow
90. Glee
91. Mat
92. Got
93. Doll
94. Bear
95. Susie
96. Lion
97. Fog
98. Talk
99. Bark
100. Mule
101. Light
102. Speech
103. Lip
104. Grave
105. Speak
106. Gun
107. Fan
108. Hill
109. Rain
110. Coke

These are the words that you should associate with numbers. It would really help you a lot in improving your memory and you can be as sharp as the smartest person out there.

There are different kinds of systems that help you recall lists and improve your memory.  The Peg System helps create a filing cabinet in your mind, and unlike other systems, helps you recall specific items directly.

More reading on using peg words to improve your memory: The Peg System.

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