Improve Your Memory And Remember Lists and Long Numbers

list to remember

Tasks. To Do lists. Honey Do lists. It can all get quite overwhelming right? Until you can’t remember the items on your list even though you are trying. It is a very scary thing to fear your memory is becoming challenged.

Recalling lists are what many mnemonics are devised for. You can retain almost any data into a mnemonic roster list. You just need a bit of imagination to make necessary relations.

As with long lists, using a mnemonic system, recalling numbers is very simple. There are some approaches, depending on the kinds of numbers you need to recall:

1. Short numbers

One of the easiest, yet effective, methods of recalling short numbers is to use a simple number/rhyme picture related in a story. This technique uses a peg system where information is pegged or combined to a familiar order such as numbers 1 to 10 or 10 to 20 to create peg words. By using this you will recall any facts, as gaps in data are instantly easy clues. It can also help you to remember things such as a list of American Presidents in their right order in office. If you advance in continuing this method, you can use this to code lists of chemical equations in a chemistry class.

A better method is to use a simple peg word system, where, as an example, you can relate numbers from the number/rhyme method into placement organized with the alphabet method.

2. Long numbers

You can recall long digits most easily using the journey system. In its simplest sense, single digits can be stored at each station on the journey when you use the number/rhyme system or the number/image method. In a larger sense, you can enhance the digits stored at each station by using the major system. The number/image method is quite alike to the number/thyme method. It is an easy yet effective method of recalling a roster or a list in the correct order. It also uses the peg word system. This method works by aiding you to create images in your brain, wherein the numbers are symbolized by images forming like the number. You can then relate these objects with the number you want to recall.

By just utilizing the simple methods to work together you can recall 100 digits with just a small effort. You can also use advanced systems, so that you can remember numbers with up to 1000 digits.

3. Contact Numbers

Contact numbers for telephone, or cellular phone can be easily recalled by relating numbers using the number/rhyme methods with locations in either the alphabet method of the journey method. You can then relate these with the image of the person whose number you need to recall.

The Alphabet method is a system that also uses peg words, but is more complex than other techniques. It is a better technique for recalling longer lists of numbers in a correct sequence, in such a way that you can describe if a digits is missing. This method works by relating pictures symbolizing letters of the alphabet with pictures you have in mind for the objects you want to recall.

When you are making images for the letters of the alphabet, make pictures in a phonetic order or a sequence that can possible be pronounce but can be nonsense at all. So the sound if the first syllable of the words is the name of the letter. For example, you can code number wand with the word wand, and use the letter W instead.

So what is on your To Do list today? If you can’t remember, you now have some help to improve your memory and remember lists and long numbers.

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