Memory Games To Improve Your Memory

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Do you review a list over and over until you remember it? Or have you recalled a number through saying it over and over again until you remember it correctly? These are a form of memory game that helps you improve your memory.

Your active memory is reliable for quick remembering of several bits of information such as contact numbers.

In order to remember things for a longer period, you must relate the new data with the data you already know. Retaining information to your long-term memory stores information for longer intervals.

There are numerous techniques that can be quite challenging to improve your memory.  Or you can choose more simple techniques that are both fun and beneficial. Let’s look at some games such as puzzles that can practice your memory.

Games to Improve Memory

One way to recall information that you need to retain to your long-term memory is to create a story that associates the particular items or data you need to recall, making them easier to remember. The idea here is that it is easier to recall more data when a fact or data is associated with another idea.

While creating the story, you can also make a strong mental image of what is happening. This aids in associating the information to a picture and concretize it into your long-term memory.

Story-telling is fun while performing with a group. You can rehearse by laying 10 or more things on the floor and try to recall them. Each person in the group takes his or her to add to the story by adding another object.

Once all the objects have been added in the story, you can scrape all of them from the room. Now, see if who can remember most objects. Now tell the story once more as a group, taking it in turn. Your group will definitely remember the whole story thus recalling all the objects.

Another mind-practicing game is the pexeso. This game is a matching pairs like tiles or cards from a group, when one of each group is not visible.

You can play this game with a set of tiles that include pairs of images or symbols. You can do this game using a half a pack of playing cards but then try to remember removing 2 to 4 suits so you can only have 2 aces, 2 queens, 2 jacks etc.

Start by placing out 24 cards but make sure those 24 cards is composed of 12 matched pairs. Once face down, move the cards around so that you will not know where any card is placed.

Turn one card one at a time and look at the number or the picture, and then turn it down again. You can repeat this process until you turn over a tile that matches a tile you turned earlier. Now, find the card’s pair by recalling from earlier where it is placed. When you located a pair, remove them from the set. You can also devise your own games but you should be sure that they are really mind-practicing games such as puzzles and solving problems.

Memory games will exercise your brain and your memory. By playing these games, you can expect that your memory will be a lot sharper and also a lot more accurate.

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